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    MSE Undergraduates Visit Renowned British Universities

    Editor:yingwen Date:2018-08-07 Hits:565

    13 students in their sophomore and junior years from MSE, ZJU accompanied by Professor Li Xiang participated in an exchange program between ZJU and 5 world-renowned British universities and colleges from July 26th to August 6th, 2018. This year's activities are fully enriching and include academic frontier lectures, research topics, professional courses, exchanges for overseas study experience, and top laboratory visits.


    During their visit to Cambridge University, Professor Serena Best, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Cambridge University, introduced Cambridge and its Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy to the teacher and students. The meticulous laboratory, equipment, and flawless management system awed the students. They also participated in an in-depth exchange on the research scope and life in Cambridge with the professors and students and brought them gifts. They also taught Cambridge professors and students how to say "Zhejiang University" in Chinese.


    The exchange group also inspected Cambridge UniversityӮs Cavendish Laboratory where many important scientific discoveries and achievements occurred. The students were also very interested in the current projects the Laboratory was working on, and launched a flurry of questions regarding theoretical physics, solid state physics, optoelectronic materials, semiconductor materials, and many other topics.


    At Oxford University, the teacher and students of the School of Materials visited the main building that houses its ancient campus and materials department, as well as the Ashmolean Museum. Following that, the students from MSE, ZJU who studied during the summer semester at Oxford and the exchange group had a picnic lunch. The students shared their experiences at Oxford, which was a welcome surprise that showed the visiting students a new perspective.


    The materials school teachers and students also exchanged at University College London, Imperial College of London, and King's College London. They learned about the research interests each school held and the difference between what their life would be like abroad compared to their domestic experiences.




    This is one of the overseas exchange programs of the School of Material Science and Engineering, ZJU since 2017. Its goal is to encourage and promote more undergraduates to participate in overseas exchange activities and expand their horizons.