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    Boosting sodium ion storage by anchoring MoO2 on vertical graphene arrays

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    Xinhui Xia,* Shengjue Deng, Dong Xie, Yadong Wang, Shangshen Feng,* Jianbo Wu and Jiangping Tu [JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A]

    Developing high-capacity anodes is of great importance for the advancement of sodium ion batteries. In this work, we report a powerful combined method of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition¨Celectrodeposition (PECVD¨CED) to construct high-quality vertical graphene/MoO2 (VG/MoO2) core/shell arrays. The conductive MoO2 (n-type semiconductor) shell is uniformly electrodeposited on the VG core to form a binder-free integrated electrode. Compared with carbon fibre cloth-supported MoO2 film (CFC/MoO2), the obtained VG/MoO2 core/shell arrays display a higher surface area, better mechanical stability and improved electrical conductivity. Due to these positive advantages, the VG/MoO2 arrays show enhanced sodium ion storage performance with a reversible capacity of 678 mA h g-1 (vs. 542 mA h g-1 for CFC/MoO2) at the current density of 100 mA g-1 , and a stable cycling life with a capacity retention of 81.7% (vs. 62.1% for CFC/MoO2) after 500 cycles. Our results provide a new route for the synthesis of high-capacity anodes for sodium ion batteries.