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    Dye confined in metal-organic framework for two-photon fluorescent temperature sensing

    Editor:xtt Date:2018-09-15 Hits:560

    Yating Wan, Yuanjing Cui*, Yu Yang, Guodong Qian* [MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS]

    In order to expand the application range of luminescent dye, metal-organic framework (MOF) is applied as a carrier to solve the problem such as low luminescent efficiency and poor stability. Here a two-photon luminescent dye-confined ionic metal-organic framework (iMOF) ZJU-68⊃DMASM was prepared through size confinement and electrostatic interaction. The dye loading content was investigated to obtain maximum luminescent efficiency and it was found that the change of two-photon emission intensity was consistent with that of quantum efficiency. In addition, the composite showed excellent physiological temperature sensing performance from 20 ˇăC to 60 ˇăC with a high relative sensitivity, good water stability and good biocompatibility, possessing great potential to be applied in biological field.