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    Telephone Number
    Chairman of MSE
    Vice Chairman of MSE
    Secretary of The Party Committee of MSE
    Party & Administration Office
    Personnel Office
    Scientific Research & Development Office.
    Postgraduate Education Office
    Undergraduate Education Office
    Inst. of Metallic Materials
    Inst. of Materials Physics & Microstructures
    Inst. of Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials
    Inst. of Semiconductor Materials
    Inst. of Composite Science Innovation +86-571-87953261
    Center of Electron Microscopy of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Province  +86-571-87952797
    State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials
    Engineering Research Center: Surfaces and Structure
    Modifications of Inorganic Functional Materials
    Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Applications for Batteries of Zhejiang Province +86-571-87952856
    Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Novel Materials for Information Technology  +86-571-87952730
    Center for Nano-Science and Technology


    Address: #38, Zhe Da Road, HangZhou, Zhejiang Province, China