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  • Prof.Ze Zhang (Member of Chinese of Academy of Sciences)

    Low-Dimensional Materials Electron Microscopy Quasicrystal 86-571-87952797; Read More
  • Prof.Deren Yangv(Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Silicon Materials for IC and PVSilicon Based Light Emitting Materials and DevicesNano Silicon and Nano-Materials86-571-87951667; Read More
  • Huxin Chen (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Building Materials Cement-Based Materials Utilization and Treatment of Solid Wastes 86-571-87952258; Read More
  • Prof.Lixin Chen

    Hydrogen Storage Materials Metal Hydride Technologies for Hydrogen Storage Novel Electrode Materials for Secondary Batteries 86-571-87951152; Read More
  • Prof.Xiang Ming Chen

    Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Multiferroic Materials Ferroelectric and Relaxor Ferroelectric Materials 86-571-87952112; Read More
  • Prof.Kui Cheng

    Tissue/Cell-Materials Interaction Nano Materials Surface of Biomaterials and Biointerfaces 86-571-87953945; Read More
  • Dr.Renren Deng (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Luminescence Nanocrystals Optoelectric Nanodevices Energy Conversion Materials 86-13778296592; Read More
  • Prof.Piyi Du

    Functional Ceramics and Devices Multiferroic and Multifunctional Materials Percolative Composite Materials 86-571-87952324; Read More
  • Prof.Xianping Fan

    Functional Glass and Ceramics Sol-Gel Technology Nano Materials & Green Building Materials 86-571-87951234; Read More
  • Prof.Mingxia Gao

    Lithium-Ion/Sulfur Batteries Hydrogen Storage Materials Ceramic Matrix Composites 86-571-87952615; Read More
  • Prof.Gaorong Han

    Inorganic Functional Materials Nano Ceramics Functional Films 86-571-87951649; Read More
  • Prof.Weiqiang Han

    Micro-Nanomaterials Lithium Ion Batteries Catalysts Read More
  • Prof.Zhanglian Hong

    Advanced Ceramics for Aerospace Applications Photoelectric Energy Conversion and Storage Materials New Energy Materials for High Performance Supercapacitor 86-571-87951234; Read More
  • Prof.Jinyun Huang

    Semiconductor Thin Films Opt-Electronic Devices Nanomaterial for Biosensor 86-571-87956265; Read More
  • Prof.Jian-Zhong Jiang

    Metallic Glasses Metallic Liquids Phase Transformation 86-571-87952107; Read More
  • Prof.Chuanhong Jin

    Advanced Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy 2D Functional Materials Liquid-Cell Electron Microscopy 86-571-87953700; Read More
  • Prof.Dongsheng Li

    Silicon Photonic Surface Plasmonics Optics of Semiconductors 86-571-87953180; Read More
  • Prof.Jixue Li

    Correlation Between the Microstructure and Properties of Metallic Materials In-Situ Oxidation Behavior of Mechanical Materials E-Beam Irradiation Effects on the Microstructure of Nanomateirals 86-571-87952166; Read More
  • Prof.Guoping Ling

    Surface Engineering of Metals Adhesive Mechanism of Interface Functional Coatings 86-571-87952648; Read More
  • Prof.Binhong Liu

    Hydrogen Storage Materials Fuel Cell New Energy Materials 86-571-87951770; Read More
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