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    Prof.Jinyun Huang

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    Professor Huang Jingyun was born in March 1962 at Shanxi Province. He received a B. Sc in July 1990 from Department of Physics, Jilin University. Then he was a technician in Henan Diesel Factory. He received a M. Sc in July 1997 and a PhD in July 2000 from Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University. He joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University in 2000 and was promoted to be associate professor in 2001, and then to full professor in 2009 at State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials. From December 2003 to March 2004, he was a visit scholar at National Singapore University. From November 2004 to December 2005, he was a visit scholar in professor Lieber’s group at Harvard University. From December 2005 to December 2006, he was a visit scholar in professor Zhonglin Wang’s group at Georgia Institute of Technology. Now he took a full position in the Institute of Semiconductor Materials at Zhejiang University. 


    Now his research interests mainly include the preparation of semiconductor thin films for light emit devices and micro/nano porous function materials for biosening. His recent work mainly includes p-type doping of ZnO thin films by laser molecular beam epitaxy or metal-organic chemical vapor deposition and its fabrication of light emitter diode and laser, the synthesis and optical properties of oxide nano structure material for biosensor applications. He received second grade Chinese National Award, 3 first grade Zhejiang Provincial Award of Science and Technology and 2 second grade Award of science and technology by the Chinese Department of Education. He has published more than 180 papers by SCI. The cited times is more than 3000 and his H factor is 27. He also has more than 40 Chinese patents and 1 US patent.