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  • Dr.Fu Liu (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Carbon Nanomaterials Supercapacitor Microstructure Characterization 86-571-87951141; Read More
  • Prof.Yongfeng Liu

    Energy Storage Materials Hydrogen Storage Materials Li-Ion Batteries 86-571-87952615; Read More
  • Dr.Wei Luo (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Welding Nano Metals Magnetic Mateirals 86-571-87951366; Read More
  • Prof.Xiangyang Ma

    Microelectronic Silicon Materials Silicon-Based Optoelectronic Materials and Devices 86-571-87951409; Read More
  • Prof.Chuanbin Mao

  • Prof.Liang Meng

    High Strength and High Conductivity Cu-Based Alloys Advanced Structural Materials 86-571-87951027; Read More
  • Prof.Hongge Pan

    Lithium-Ion/Sulfur Batteries Hydrogen Storage Materials MH-Ni Batteries 86-571-87952615; Read More
  • Prof.Huaxin Peng

    Multifunctional Composites and Metacomposites Metal-Ceramic Composites Nanocomposite Coatings 86-571-87952260; Read More
  • Prof.Xinsheng Peng

    Functional Thin Films Novel Separation Membranes Energy Materials 86-571-87951958; Read More
  • Prof.Xiaodong Pi

    Quantum Dot Materials and Devices 86-571-87951016; Read More
  • Prof.Guodong Qian

    Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Photonic Materials Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Sensing, Storage and Separation 86-571-87952334; Read More
  • Dr.Faxiang Qin (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Multifunctional Composites Metacomposites Soft Magnetic Materials 86-571-87953261; Read More
  • Chenlu Song (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Numerical Simulation of Material Properties Material Processing Control Application Technology of Lithium-Ion Batteries 86-571-87951842; Read More
  • Dr.He Tian Professor-Level Research Scientist

    Electron Microscopy Vortex Electron Beams Complex Oxides 86-13777816971; Read More
  • Prof.Jiangping Tu

    Energy Storage Materials Battery Technology Tribological Properties of Nancomposite Films 86-571-87952856; Read More
  • Dr.Jiangwei Wang (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Nanomechanics of Materials Energy-Storage Materials In Situ TEM Technique 86-18368828611; Read More
  • Jianxun Wang (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

  • Prof.Xiao-Xiang Wang

    Microstructure of Biominerals Orthodaedic and Dental Implants 86-571-87952255; Read More
  • Prof.Xinhua Wang

    Hydrogen Storage Materials and Applications Hydrogen Generation Materials Magnetic Functional Materials 86-571-87952716; Read More
  • Prof.Yong Wang

    Environmental TEM Heterogeneous Catalysis (gas/solid) Surfaces and Interfaces 86-571-87952228; Read More
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