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  • Prof.Zhiyu Wang

    Nano Functional Materials Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials Functional Composite Building Materials 86-571-87952667; Read More
  • Prof.Wenjian Weng

    Biomaterial Surface Field-Responsive Biomaterial Wet Chemical Synthesis 86-571-87953787; Read More
  • Prof.Jin-Ming Wu

    Photocatalysis Nanomaterials Functional Thin Films 86-571-8793115; Read More
  • Prof.Yongjun Wu

    Functional Ceramics Energy Storage Materials Multiferroic Materials 86-571-87951410; Read More
  • Prof.Xinhui Xia

    Electrochemical Energy Storage Batteries and Supercapacitors Electrochromics 86-571-87952573; Read More
  • Prof.Mi Yan

    Metals and Alloys Magnetic Materials Advanced Energy Materials 86-571-87952730; Read More
  • Prof.Hangsheng Yang

    Environment Protection Related Materials Cubic Boron Nitride Related Hard-Coatings 86-571-87951404; Read More
  • Prof.Hui Yang

    Nanomaterials: Preparation, Development and Industrialization Sol-Gel Technology Green Building Materials 86-571-87951408; Read More
  • Dr.Shikuan Yang (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Surface Micro/Nanopatterns SERS Sensing Electrochemistry and Nanoenergy 86-18367126891; Read More
  • Prof.Zhizhen Ye

    Compound Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials Transparent Conductive Materials Semiconductor Sensing Materials 86-571-87952625; Read More
  • Dr.Qian Yu (Professor-Level Research Scientist)

    Mechanical Property In Situ Characterization Defects 86-15605812187; Read More
  • Prof.Hui Zhang

    Noble-Metal Nanocrystals Synthetic Methodology Energy Conversion Applications 86-571-87951667; Read More
  • Prof.Xiwen Zhang

    Opto/Electro/Magneto Functional Materials Nano and Plasma Technologies Surface Modification 86-571-87952341; Read More
  • Prof.Gaoling Zhao

    Functional Films Novel Glass Low Temperature Preparation of Nano-materials 86-571-87952341; Read More
  • Prof.Xinbing Zhao

    Thermoelectric Materials and Applications Environment Energy Harvesting and Mirogenerators Cathode & Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries 86-571-87951451; Read More
  • Prof.Liping Zhu

    Oxide semiconductor thin films & hetrojunctions for optoelectronic applications Metal oxide semiconductor nanomaterials for gas sensor & their self-powered systems Nano-structures of mutiple metal compound semiconductors for overall water... Read More
  • Prof.Tiejun Zhu

    Thermoelectric Materials and Devices Energy Conversion and Storage Advanced Alloys 86-571-87952181; Read More
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