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  • Assoc.Prof.Gaoshao Cao

    Materials of Lithium-Ion Battery Materials for Micro-Energy Harvesting and Conversion 86-571-87951451; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Qingping Cao

    Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Alloys Amorphous Alloy Films Nanoindentation 86-571-87951528; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Jipeng Cheng

    Electrode Materials Carbon-Based Composites Functional Nanomaterials 86-571-87951411; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Yuanjing Cui

    Inorganic-Organic Photonics Materials Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Gengxin Ding

  • Assoc.Prof.Ning Du

  • Assoc.Prof.Changdong Gu

    Coatings Technology and Surface/Interface Effects Electrochemical Energy Storage Nanomaterials 86-571-87952573; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Xingzhong Guo

    Porous Materials Advanced Structural Ceramics Sol-Gel Technology 86-571-87953313; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Haiping He

    Luminescent Semiconductor Materials Semiconductor Optics Photophysics of Point Defects 86-571-87952124; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Yinzhu Jiang

    Electrochemical Functional Materials Rechargeable Batteries Nanocomposite Films 86-571-87953978; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Lei Li

    Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Microwave Measurements Ferroelectric Materials 86-571-8795-1410; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Xiang Li

    Biomedical Materials Nanocomposites for Disease Therapy and Diagnosis Materials for Bone Implant 86-571-88276240; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Jiabin Liu

    High Strength and High Conductivity Cu-Based Alloys Advanced Structural Materials 86-571-87951027; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Shuya-Wu Liu

    Synthesis of Dielectric Materials by Wet Chemical Method Electrocaloric Effect Ferroelectric Ceramics 86-571-87951410; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Xiaofeng Liu

    Optical Materials and Spectroscopic Properties Low-Dimensional Materials New Synthetic Method for LD Materials 86-571-88273899; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Xiaoqiang Liu

    Improper Ferroelectric Ceramics Electrocaloric Effect Giant Dielectric Constant Materials 86-571-87951410; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Yi Liu

    Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials Novel Functional Chalcogenides Thermal Insulation Ceramics 86-571-87953859; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Yong Liu

    Optical-Electronic Functional Films and Large-Area Deposition Method Smart Windows Applied Materials Physics 86-571-87951842; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Bin Lu

    Semiconductor Materials and Devices Surfaces and Interfaces 86-571-87952187; Read More
  • Assoc.Prof.Jianguo Lu

    Oxide Semiconductor Films and Transparent Electronics Functional Nanomaterials and New Energy Novel Functional Coatings 86-571-87952187; Read More
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