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    Truth Forum of Materials Science: Prof.David Embury from McMaster University

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    Attempts to Increase Strength and Toughness using Architectured Materials
    Speaker:  Prof. David Embury 
    Affliation:  McMaster University, Canada
    Time: 10:00am, April 14th, 2017
    Location: Building #1, The State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University
    Host: Prof. Gaorong Han, Prof.Jiabin Liu
    Traditionally we consider the plastic yielding of materials in terms of a dominant length scale such as the grain size or the spacing of second phase particles. However alternative approaches using the concept of distributed strengths of obstacles were used in the past by Masing and Mroz. These approaches result in extensive elasto-plastic transitions and marked Bauschinger effects. A common example would be Dual Phase steels; However a more general approach can be made using the concept of Architectured materials in which gradients of composition or spatially varying properties can be introduced into a material by a variety of phase transitions. A number of systems will be analysed to show how this concept can be used to develop a variety of high strength materials. The concept of Architectured materials will then be used to show how fracture resistance can be drastically increased by containing the localised shear events which lead to failure in many high strength steels.
    Professor Embury was born in Gratham UK in 1939.He was educated at the University of Manchester and Cambridge University in Metallurgy. His Ph.D. thesis was on Precipitation Hardening in Al alloys. After his doctoral studies he took a position at the E.C.Bain laboratory of U.S.Steel Corporation where he worked on a variety of topics including the deformation of Pearlitic wire. In 1966 he was appointed to the faculty of McMaster University in Canda where he built a strong research group working on a variety of topics in plasticity, phase transformations, electron microscopy and metal forming.
        He served as Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Acting Director of the Brockhouse Institute of Materials Research. During his teaching and Research career Professor Embury recieved a number of honours and awards including Election to the Royal Society of Canada and the the National Academy of Engineering in the USA. He was awarded an Honourary Degree by NTNU Norway-the Grande Medaille of SF2M France, and in 2015 was the winner of the Acta Materialia Gold medal. His research has been in a wide range of areas including Strengthening Mechanisms in Metals, Metalforming, Development of High strength steels, Fracture Mechanics and most recently, together with other colleagues, the develoment of Architectured Materials. He has a deep interest in Engineering Education and has contributed to education in a number of countries including Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, France and China as well as both McMaster University and the University of British Columbia in Canada. He has visited many universities in China and is very interested both in the development of Enginerring Education  and the introduction of Sustainability into the education of students in China.
    Prof. David Embury