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    Lecture from Dr.Rosamund Daw - Publishing in Nature: Making an Impact

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    Speaker: Dr.Rosamund Daw

    Time: 15:00, MAY 29th, 2017

    Location: 7th floor of Chao Kuang Piu Hall of Science and Technology(玉泉校区曹光彪楼七楼远望庐材料学院咖啡吧)


    Publishing in Nature: Making an Impact


    I will discuss what the challenges and opportunities of publishing in high impact journals. I will outline Nature’s approach to manuscript assessment and peer review and give some hints and tips on how researchers can best approach these publishing processes to maximise their chances of publication. I’ll also discuss how researchers can engage with science publications more broadly to elevate their profile. Finally I’ll offer a perspective on important emerging issues in science publishing and how publishers are approaching these issues.



    Bio of Rosamund Daw


    I am a senior editor for Nature. I have worked as a manuscript editor at Nature for 15 years. I am in the physical sciences editorial team, overseeing peer review and making decisions on the editorial suitability of submissions in various areas of materials science and engineering. I handle materials synthesis, characterization, biomaterials, some aspects of soft matter, structural materials and mechanical properties amongst others. Prior to joining Nature, I received a degree and PhD in materials science and engineering from Sheffield University and a postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.