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    Lecture from Naoufal Bahlawane, Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology

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    Lecture Topic£ºHybrid ALD-CVD process for the development of technologically relevant functional nanocomposite coatings

    Speaker£ºNaoufal Bahlawane, Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology

    Time£º9:00 a.m. Jan.12th,2018

    Location£ºRoom 326, Caoguangbiao Building, School of Materials Science and Engineering

    Inviter£ºYinzhu Jiang (Associate Professor)


    Abstract of presentation£º

    In this talk, the chemical deposition from the gas phase of building blocks such as, metal oxides, metals, metal carbides and CNT will be addressed. The growth of nanocomposites in mind, mild and compatible chemistries and low processing temperatures are considered as main challenges. The implementation of alcohols as mild reducing agents for the growth of metals and carbides, and the implementation of a new approach for the growth of Carbon Nanotubes will be addressed. Combining these two building blocks with the versatile deposition of metal oxides will be discussed for the development of superblack coatings for space applications, and high-temperature decorative coatings for cutting tools industry.



    NaoufalBahlawane has graduated at Claude Bernard University (Lyon I) in France in Analytical physico-chemistry after a Bachelor degree in Morocco in Chemistry. In 1998 he has received his PhD degree in France, where the Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition was implemented as the main synthesis process. The development water vapor diffusion barrier for food-packaging was addressed.

    He was awarded a JISTEC fellowship for a two years research at Kyushu National Industrial Research Institute in Japan, where he worked on various technological challenges, including coatings for high temperature corrosion resistance and with Chemical Vapor Deposition and Sol-Gel. After this two years¡ä experience, he has got a ¡°quasi¡± permanent position at Fukuoka University that he decided to interrupt for personal reasons after one year to return to Europe.

    In 2001, NaoufalBahlawane was awarded the German Alexander von Humboldt fellowship and joined a group at Bielefeld University where he was active in teaching, and got his Habilitation and VeniaLegendi in Physical Chemistry that are the highest academic diploma in Germany. He occupied the position of assistant professor up to 2008 and then as associate professor at the same university leading the materials science activities in the physical chemistry department in Bielefeld. In 2011 he then joined the Institute of Science and Technology in Luxembourg to occupy a position of Lead Research and Technology Associate with a stronger emphasis on technological challenges.