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    Lecture from Professor JIN Dayong, University of Technology Sydney

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    Speaker: Distinguished Professor JIN, Dayong

    Affliation: University of Technology Sydney


    Time: 10:00-11:30 a.m. , Mar. 5th, 2018

    Location: Room 343, West 7th Building, Xixi Campus 西溪校区西七楼343室(光子材料与器件研究室)

    Inviters: Professor QIU, Jianrong; Associate Professor LIU, Xiaofeng 

    PresentationUpconversion Super Dots, tau Dots, Hyper Dots and Thermal Dots for Photonics Applications

    Abstract of Presentation 

    Upconversion nanoparticles have found numerous applications, based on their tunable photo-physical and chemical properties. My talk will summarize our recent contributions to the field by discovering a new library of super dots using the state-of-the-art nanophotonic tools for single particle studies. We emphasize that nanophotonic characterization of single fluorescent nanoparticles is the key in discovery of new physical properties of and translating the new nanomaterials into novel applications. Possibilities and challenges in development of high performance fluorescent nanomaterials/hybrid nanostructures, high horizontal characterization techniques, and ongoing trend towards biophotonics and nanophotonics applications are discussed.


    Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin directs the Australian Research Council IDEAL Research Hub and Institute for Biomedical Materials & Devices (IBMD), at the University of Technology Sydney. His research has been in the physical, engineering and interdisciplinary sciences. He is a technology developer with expertise covering optics, luminescent materials, sensing, automation devices, microscopy imaging, and analytical chemistry to enable rapid detection of cells and molecules and engineering of sensors and photonics devices. Prof Jin is the winner of the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Scientific Research in 2015, the Australian Academy of Science John Booker Medalist in 2017, and the Prime Minister’s Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year 2017.

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