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    Porous Pt Nanospheres Incorporated with GOx to Enable Synergistic Oxygen-Inductive Starvation/Electrodynamic Tumor Therapy

    Editor:-- Date:2021-07-07 Hits:39

    Zijie Lu, JiaYu Gao, Chao Fang, Yi Zhou, Xiang Li,* and Gaorong Han* [Advanced Science]

    Glucose-oxidase (GOx)-mediated starvation by consuming intracellular glucose has aroused extensive exploration as an advanced approach for tumor treatment. However, this reaction of catalytic oxidation by GOx is highly dependent on the on-site oxygen content, and thus starvation therapy often suffers unexpected anticancer outcomes due to the intrinsic tumorous hypoxia. Herein, porous platinum nanospheres (pPts), incorporated with GOx molecules (PtGs), are synthesized to enable synergistic cancer therapy. In this system, GOx can effectively catalyze the oxidation of glucose to generate H2O2, while pPt triggers the decomposition of both endogenous and
    exogenous H2O2 to produce considerable content of O2 to facilitate the glucose consumption by GOx. Meanwhile, pPt induces remarkable content of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) under an alternating electric field,leading to cellular oxidative stress injury and promotes apoptosis following the mechanism of electrodynamic therapy (EDT). In consequence, the PtG nanocomposite exhibits significant anticancer effect both in vitro and in vivo. This study has therefore demonstrated a fascinating therapeutic platform enabling oxygen-inductive starvation/EDT synergistic strategy for effective tumor treatment.

    DOI: 10.1002/advs.202001223