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    Institute of Semiconductor Materials

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    The Institute of Semiconductor Materials started from the semiconductor materials research group established in the Radio Department of Zhejiang University in 1954. It was founded by the late Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University's former vice president Professor Que Duanlin. It is one of the earliest semiconductor institutes in China. In 1978, the Institute pivoted from its original task as the radio department into the materials department. The institute also established one of the first Semiconductor Materials Master and Semiconductor Materials Doctoral Program in China. The semiconductor materials profession was named a national key discipline. The State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials and the first listed company of Zhejiang University were both established due to the institute.

    Research interest:

    Semiconductor Silicon Materials:

    • Growth, processing and defect engineering of Czochralski silicon single crystal materials for VLSI

    • Purification, preparation, defects and material problems in solar photovoltaic silicon materials

    • Silicon-based optoelectronic materials and devices

    • Preparation, characterization and application of nano-silicon particles, wires and tubes

    Semiconductor Thin Film Materials:

    • Preparation, performance regulation and application of semiconductor thin film materials in energy fields

    • Study of p-type doping and electroluminescence of ZnO thin films

    • Preparation and application of high quality transparent conductive film

    • Controlled growth and performance of compound semiconductor nanostructured materials


    The institute is led by Prof. Yang Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Ye Zhizhen, Outstanding Expert of Zhejiang Province. There are 20 faculty members in the institute including:

    • 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    • 1 Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

    • 1 Professor of Cheung Kong Scholar Program

    • 2 Outstanding Expert of Zhejiang Province

    • 3 Winner of National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars

    • 1 Young Top-notch Talent

    • 3 Talents of New Century Training Program by the Ministry of Education

    • 10 Zhejiang “151 Talents”

    • 1 National Fund Committee Innovation Research Group

    • 1 Innovation Team in the Key Areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology

    • 1 Innovation Team of Cheung Kong Scholar Program

    • 2 Zhejiang Key Technology Innovation Teams


    The institute has won three second prizes in national natural sciences, three national inventions second and third prizes, one He Liang He Li Technology Award, one China Youth Science and Technology Award, and over 20 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. In addition, it has published more than 1,000 SCI papers in internationally renowned journals including Nature, Nature Communications, Material Science and Engineering: Report, Chemical Society Review, Advanced Materials, and Physical Review Letters, not to mention it has obtained more than 200 national invention patents. As a leader in the research fields of semiconductor silicon materials and ZnO thin film materials in China, the institute has acquired a reputation not bound to China’s borders.


    Director: Prof. Yang Deren, +86-571-87951667,

    Deputy Director: Assoc. Prof. Wo Yinhua, +86-571-87952096,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Ma Xiangyang, +86-571-87951409,

    Deputy Director: Assoc. Prof. He Haiping, +86-571-87952124,

    Laboratory Director: Sr. Eng. Fan Ruixin Engineer, +86-571-87952096,

    Office of the Institute: +86-571-87951667,