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    Students who stay in the  university for six months or above are entitled to comprehensive insurance  offered by the university, including accident medical insurance, hospitalization  expenses, accident deformity, death insurance, etc. Self-supporting students who  enjoy tuition fee discount and university exchange students shall pay for  insurance by themselves.

    In order to protect your  insurance interests, please take good care of all the documents, receipts,  papers, etc involved. When making a medical insurance claim, students shall  provide complete documents, including photocopy of the passport, certificate of  doctor’s diagnosis or certificate of accident, medical record, all the medical  examination reports, receipt of medicine expenses, list of medical examination  items, list of medicines, receipt of hospitalization expenses and hospital  discharge certificate, etc.

    Medical Service  Information
    Hangzhou is a city with rich  medical resources. Here are some major hospitals:

    Sir Run Run Shaw  Hospital
    The Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital is an  affiliated hospital to the School of Medicine, Zhejaing University. It has  English speaking nurses, doctors and an expatriate doctor on staff. 
    Phone:  +86-571-86090073 (switchboard); 86006016 (VIP Clinic reception and  appointments)
    3 East Qingchun Road
    Name and Address in Chinese:  庆春东路3,杭州市浙江大学医学院附属邵逸夫医院

    First Affiliated  Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
    There is an International  Clinic at the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine,  which is not only the largest hospital in the province but also regarded as one  of the best hospitals in surgical department.

    First Affiliated  Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
    International Clinic
    79  Qingchun Road, 11th floor
    Phone: +86-571-87236166
    Name and Address in  Chinese: 

    Second  Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of  Medicine
    The hospital is regarded as one of  the best hospitals to treat internal illnesses.
    Add: 88 Jiefang Road
    Tel:  87783777
    Name and Address in Chinese:  浙江杭州市解放路88号浙医二院

    Campus  hospitals
    Every campus of Zhejiang  University has its own on-campus hospital which is good for minor  diseases.
    Yuquan Campus Hospital
    Add: to the south of the International  College Building

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