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    Name Title Research interest Contact
    YANG Deren

    Cao Gaoshao

    Assocaite professor Materials of Lithium-Ion Battery; Materials for Micro-Energy Harvesting and Conversion 86-571-87951451;
    YANG Deren

    Cao Qingping

    Assocaite professor Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Alloys; Amorphous Alloy Films; Nanoindentation 86-571-87951528;
    YANG Deren

    Ding Qingqing

    Associate professor Research on microstructural evolution of nickel based superalloys at quai-service conditions; Study of deformation mechanism of high-performance structural materials 0571-87951400;
    YANG Deren

    Du Ning

    Assocaite professor Silicon-based materials for energy storge and conversion 86-571-87953190
    YANG Deren

    Gu Changdong

    Assocaite professor Coatings Technology and Surface/Interface Effects; Electrochemical Energy Storage Nanomaterials 86-571-87952573;
    YANG Deren

    Huang Yuhui

    Associate professor Energy storage ceramics; Tungsten bronze multiferric materials; solid state electrolyte
    YANG Deren

    Jin Jiaying

    Associate professor Magnetic Materials
    YANG Deren

    Li Lei

    Assocaite professor Microwave Dielectric Ceramics; Microwave Measurements; Ferroelectric Materials 86-571-8795-1410;
    YANG Deren

    Liu Jiabin

    Assocaite professor High Strength and High Conductivity Cu-Based Alloys; Advanced Structural Materials 86-571-87951027;
    YANG Deren

    Liu Xiaofeng

    Assocaite professor Optical Materials and Spectroscopic Properties; Low-Dimensional Materials; New Synthetic Method for LD Materials 86-571-88273899;