Chinese ZJU
  • The Poster Exhibition for Research Achievement, held by the School of Materials Science and Engineering, is a brand activity designed to cultivate the academic communication ability of postgraduate students and enhance thinking in an innovative manner. Posters can introduce research contents and working achievements with clear charts and succinct words, which is a common form of academic communication throughout international conferences, and a general way to exchange research ideas across universities or institutes. Holding poster exhibitions indicate that the School of Materials Science and Engineering has its hands on how postgraduates are taught, and it's an innovative way to explore methods of comprehensive quality training and education modals.

    The poster exhibition organized ten times by the School of Materials Science and Engineering is held during every long semester, and it has now become a grand academic event each semester it is held. In general, this activity attracts over 40 faculty members and 100 students. Master's students (2.5-year period) and Ph.D. students (3-year period) make at least one presentation, and 5-year Ph.D students should attend this poster exhibition at least twice. The administration office will maintain records on who participates in this activity and what they contribute as reading report credits. Postgraduates should not only strive to achieve success in their research, but also be skillful in exhibiting achievements to the public using professional words and charts. This is the intention of this activity. Throughout the exhibition's process, every contributor introduces his or her research background, method, content, and results to their teachers and schoolmates, and teachers may provide relevant guidance and advice following their research experience. After the exhibition, with a combination of expert marks and student votes, the gold, silver, and bronze awards are finally awarded.

    Open communication is the foundation of creating an academic atmosphere and cultivating innovation. The students' thoughts on research can be greatly expanded and the ability to reveal the scientific achievements can be greatly enhanced by exchanging ideas through the poster exhibition. In recent years, our students have won awards in various international academic conferences. It can be inferred that the poster exhibition has provided a good platform and chance to practice for students moving towards the international academic communication stage.