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    Name Title Research interest Contact
    YANG Deren

    Bei Hongbin

    Professor Alloy design and behavior for extreme conditions and environments · Mechanical and physical properties of metallic materials across multiple scales
    YANG Deren

    Chen Huxin

    Professor Building MaterialsCement-Based Materials;Utilization and Treatment of Solid Wastes 86-571-87952258;
    YANG Deren

    Chen Lixin

    Professor Hydrogen Storage Materials; Metal Hydride Technologies for Hydrogen Storage; Novel Electrode Materials for Secondary Batteries 86-571-87951152;
    YANG Deren

    Chen Xiangming

    Professor Microwave Dielectric Ceramics; Multiferroic Materials; Ferroelectric and Relaxor Ferroelectric Materials 86-571-87952112;
    YANG Deren

    Chen Zongping

    Professor 3D Interconnected Graphene Network; Graphene Nanoribbons and other 2D Materials 86-571-87953287;
    YANG Deren

    Cheng Kui

    Professor Tissue/Cell-Materials Interaction; Nano MaterialsSurface of Biomaterials and Biointerfaces 86-571-87953945;
    YANG Deren

    Cui Yuanjing

    Professor Inorganic-Organic Photonics Materials
    YANG Deren

    Deng Renren

    Professor Luminescence Nanocrystals; Optoelectric Nanodevices; Energy Conversion Materials 86-13778296592;
    YANG Deren

    Du Piyi

    Professor Functional Ceramics and Devices; Multiferroic and Multifunctional Materials; Percolative Composite Materials 86-571-87952324;
    YANG Deren

    Fan Xianping

    Professor Functional Glass and Ceramics; Sol-Gel Technology Nano Materials & Green Building Materials 86-571-87951234;