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    Institute of Metal Materials

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    The Institute of Metal Materials of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University was established in 1999. It was formed by integrating the original raw metal materials and heat treatment, new materials and materials physics, and casting. It is one of the earliest established doctoral disciplines in metal materials science and engineering field. It supports 34 faculty members, including 13 professors, 21 associate professors and senior engineers. Each year, more than 50 doctoral and master students enroll in materials science, material processing, and material physical chemistry, and 5-8 postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars are admitted.

    Not only does it focus on basic research, it also an institute focuses on research and development in engineering applications and bolsters close cooperation with corporate entities. Currently, the main research directions are in hydrogen storage materials, lithium ion battery materials and battery technology, magnetic materials, thermoelectric materials, metal functional materials, surface engineering of metal materials, and material processing technology. The institute has taken the reigns in researching lanthanum hydrogen storage materials in China and has pioneered research in the fields of lanthanum hydrogen storage electrode alloy designs, magnesium-based amorphous hydrogen storage alloys, lithium ion battery electrode materials, magnetic materials, and thermoelectric materials. The institute is at an international leading research position and holds great sway in the international academic community. The institute has also majorly impacted the industry in terms of magnetic materials, hydrogen storage materials, lithium-ion battery application technology, and other aspects. The institute has established the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Battery Materials and Applied Technology, and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Information Materials Technology.

    The institute has completed or is currently undertaking over 50 national key research and development plans, the National Natural Science Foundation, and many other projects. Its accolades include 8 national technology invention awards and more than 30 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements and awards. Over the past five years, the institute has granted more than 30 invention patents each year, and it has published 130 academic papers in important international academic journals. The number and citations of papers collected by SCI are among the highest in Zhejiang University.


    Director: Prof. Tu Jiangping, +86-571-87952856,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Yan Mi, +86-571-87952730,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Pan Hongge, +86-571-87952615,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Wu Jingming, +86-571-87952648,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Zhu Tiejun , +86-571-87952181,

    Laboratory Director: Prof. Wu Jingming, +86-571-87952648,

    Institute Office: +86-571-87951406

    Tel:+86-571-87951353(Metal Materials Engineering Laboratory)

             +86-571-87951532(Metal Materials Heat Treatment Laboratory)

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