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    Institute of Composite Science Innovation

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    The Institute of Composite Science Innovation was established in 2015 and focuses on new structure-function integrated composite materials, a series of advanced composite materials foundations and application research to meet national needs and engineering applications. Its goal is to become an important base for scientific research, personnel training, and academic exchange in the field of composite materials while also providing technical and talent support for the development of China’s composite materials industry.

    The Institute now has professors, associate professors, and other researchers, focusing on cultivating high-quality scientific and technological innovation talents imbued with an international vision. All faculty and staff have either studied or researched abroad. The current research areas focus on advanced fiber composite design, manufacturing, and evaluation; multifunctional composite materials and super composite materials; bionic composite materials, biomedical materials, and micro-nano energy composite materials and devices. The institute has established solid research cooperation and a platform to exchange teachers and students with famous scholars from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Russia, and more. Each year, more than 10 doctoral and postgraduate students in materials, physics, chemistry, and mechanics. are recruited, and post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars from both at home and abroad are accepted.


    Director: Prof. Peng Huaxin, +86-571-87952660,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Hong Zhanglian, +86-571-87951234,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Wang Xiaoxiang, +860571-87952255,

    Deputy Director: Prof. Qing Faxiang, +86-571-87953261,

    Laboratory Director: Wang Huan, +86-571-87953987,

    Institute Office: +86-571-87953261, +86-571-87953987