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    Center of Electron Microscopy

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    The Center of Electron Microscopy of Zhejiang University (CEM) is a scientific research platform that traces the origins of materials science, establishes relationships between material properties and microstructures, develops the application of advanced materials, and creates in-situ testing and analysis methods for electron microscopy. Based on the world's leading material microstructure analysis laboratory and guided by the country's major strategic material needs, the CEM is committed to establishing a leading global research team to achieve breakthroughs and bear fruit in basic theoretical research and applications of microstructure and material properties, electron microscopy, in-situ electron microscopy, and more since its establishment on May 12, 2012 by Academic Zhang Ze. Furthermore, guided by the close integration of production, education, and research, the CEM cultivates excellent talents and those urgently needed in the fields of electron microscopy, material microscopy, and materials application science. This establishes a research model that combines basic research with that which can be applied.

    The CEM is people-oriented and has founded an excellent research team. There is one academician, one outstanding youth fund winner and four Young Professors. In addition, there is 1 winner of the Outstanding Youth Fund of Zhejiang Province, 7 doctoral supervisors, 8 master's tutors, 8 experimental technicians. They all form a well-structured academic research team led by Zhang Ze. After 5 years of toil, the CEM has established international advanced research directions, such as low-dimensional materials, strategic structural materials, catalytic materials, ferroelectric materials, advanced structural materials for extreme conditions, advanced electron microscopy analysis methods, and in-situ electron microscopy. The CEM also undertakes more than 30 scientific research projects including major national scientific research projects. In the past 5 years, the CEM has applied for more than RMB 100 million in research and development funding, which has supported well its scientific research and development. The research results from CEM are published in internationally renowned scientific journals such as Nature, Science, and Adv. Materials. At the same time, the CEM also conducts extensive research and talent training cooperation with other research groups, universities, and research institutes in Zhejiang University. Among the recent 50 most impactful papers of material sciences from Zhejiang University, nearly 10 involve the CEM.

    Taking the school's spirit "Understanding morality, seeking truth, Advancing Materials and Creating Legends" as its marching orders, "Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation" as its creed, and "Teaching and Educating People" as its foundation, the CEM will strive to become an international first-class center for advanced materials research and application and professional talent training.