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    The 6th International Summer School—Webinar on the Frontiers of Advanced Energy Materials of Zhejiang University Was Successfully Held

    Editor: Date:2020-10-23 Hits:39

    On October 17th and 18th 2020, the 6th International Summer SchoolWebinar on the Frontiers of Advanced Energy Materials of Zhejiang University was successfully held at Yuquan Campus. This event was organized by the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University. Ten scholars from University of Wollongong, Newcastle University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology and Design and Zhejiang University are invited to deliver lectures on the topic of advanced energy materials research. This two-day webinar attracted more than two hundred postgraduates to join online.

    The opening ceremony on October marked the start of the event. Prof. Zhu, the Associate Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering gave a brief talk on the basic introduction of the school, and the history of the International Summer School of Zhejiang University. He emphasized the importance of energy materials research met the tremendous demand of industry and peoples daily life. He encouraged young postgraduates to participate and discuss with scholars actively. This webinar was cohosted by Prof. Yinzhu Jiang, Wenping Sun and Haobin Wu from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University.

    During the two-day webinar, ten scholars present wonderful speeches titled such as Advanced Electrode Materials for Metal-ion Batteries, Constructing Aqueous Multi-Valence Metal Ion Batteries, Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Materials, Multiferroic Materials for Energy Harvesting and Conversion, Low-dimensional Nanoarchitectured Materials for Energy Storage: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives, Oxygen Electrocatalysis by Transition Metal Spinel Oxides, Solid Electrolytes based on Metal-organic Frameworks for Li-metal Batteries, Functional Materials for Gas-Involved Energy Reactions, Advanced Sodium-based Rechargeable Batteries.

    These impressive lectures are followed by the Three Minute Presentation (3MP) competition session. Eleven videos made by graduate students were displayed and almost two hundred audience vote for the best video.   

    Due to the outbreak of Covid-2019, its a pity that people were not able to meet and discuss face to face. However, thanks to the advanced technology, we can finally invite scholars to present wonderful academic talks, which will do benefit the research of young postgraduate students.