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    Habitat Two Countries, One Heart — Meeting of Studying Abroad

    Editor: Date:2020-04-29 Hits:23

    At 9 pm on April 27th, overseas students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering used a video connection to cross the distance of China, the United States, France, Denmark, and Singapore. They gathered online to hold a symposium. The college hopes to use this form to further understand the current life and learning of overseas students during the epidemic, to provide targeted guidance and assistance. At the same time, I hope that through the sharing of each student, we can strengthen mutual exchanges, learn from experience, and arrange our own home life in anti-epidemic more rationally. The symposium lasted two and a half hours.

    The symposium first invited a Chinese journalist based in New York to give a lecture on the epidemic situation in the United States and precautions for epidemic prevention. Most of the overseas students of the School of Materials Science study abroad in the United States. She hopes to use her perspective to take us out of the closed home life and see the real situation of the epidemic in the United States. Licensing graduated from Renmin University of China with a bachelor's degree and graduated with a graduate degree from the Journalism Department of Emerson College. He is stationed in New York to report local news for nearly 7 years. He has won many departmental journalism awards and has rich practical experience. Through a wealth of pictures and data, she explained the government's response measures and the changes in people's mentality since the outbreak of the epidemic in New York, shared the warming stories of the people around the world in the fight against the cruel epidemic, and also reminded all students to slow down Anxiety, take personal protection. I believe that the epidemic will eventually pass and everything will eventually regain vitality.

    The second part of the symposium was the concentrated study of guidelines for epidemic prevention and control. Liu Sufu from the Institute of Metals, based on the Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia for Overseas Students issued by the Ministry of Education, and from the knowledge of novel coronavirus pneumonia, personal protection guidelines for overseas students, diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia, During the epidemic, the mental health guidelines for overseas students studying abroad further emphasized the students, and shared and reminded them from the perspective of their own experiences.

    The third part of the symposium was sharing the current situation of the students. Every student overseas has carefully prepared pictures and texts, sharing the basic situation of the area where they study abroad, the corresponding policies of the school, and the living arrangements after the school is closed. Many students have received the health and epidemic love package, thanking all parties including the government and school for their care for overseas students, and lamenting the strength and warmth of the motherland. At the same time, he expressed the need to arrange this period in a reasonable and scientific manner to prevent the epidemic from delaying scientific research, and to achieve success in learning and return safely. The following are some excerpts of shared content:

    (The picture shows the thrilling and moving journey back to China shared by Lu Wenjiang)

    (The picture shows the daily breeze scenery shared by Li Jing)

    (The picture shows Lin Qingyun's study and life during the epidemic. Due to the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, the college has recently arranged to send them)

    (The picture shows Zong Quan's research and life in Washington State shared)

    (The picture shows the results of advanced cooking during the home stay shared by Li Cheng)

    (The picture shows Wang Shan listening to scientific research lectures and oil paintings during the home)

    (The picture shows the purchased materials shared by Liu Sufu and the software for querying epidemic data)

    (The picture shows the embassy health package received in France shared by Luo Xue)