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    Delicious Food in Microstructure – 10th Microstructure Contest Exhibition (1)

    Editor: Date:2020-03-05 Hits:21

    The School of Materials Science and Engineering, ZJU has held a materials microstructure exploration contest since March of 2010. This contest follows the theme of exploring the microstructure of materials and uncovering sources of fascination. It encourages the students to innovatively express and reveal the fascinating world of materials microstructure using optical or electronic microscopes. This contest's goal is to improve the artistic tastes of any student majoring in science or engineering, including their art percipient, skills to express and ability to annotate the humanistic spirit, and enrich their humanistic connotations by the means of combining science with the arts while innovating fascinating works.

    In 10th Microstructure Contest, many students beautify these microstructures of their materials into delicious food ice cream, chocolate, rice, to name a few.

    Delicious ice cream  TiO2 microspheres

    by HU Xiaoge

    An exquisite plate of after-dinner dessert on a hot summer day. In the crystal-clear grapes, a few taro-flavored and mango-flavored ice cream balls are hidden, filled with green mint leaves and fresh tones, reminding people of the memory of the summer when cicadas chirped more than once after a full meal, a second of peace inside and bringing a hint of coolness.

    Truffle chocolate – silicon dioxide microsphere embedded in silicon dioxide film

    by QIAN Yixiao

    The hard and monotonous shape of silicon dioxide turns into a round and lovely chocolate shape, and this romantic science makes people's hearts flutter and be surprised.

    Fragrance of rice – ontology self-assembly of block copolymers containing liquid crystal side chains

    by SU Yawei

    The symbolic meaning of our work is rice fragrance, which is the pleasure of the hardworking people in the verse to get the fruit after a year of hard work, and also the initial beauty and reliance in the hearts of the people in the song rice fragrance. May we all reap the joy of harvest after struggling for our ideals!

    Don't move my cheese – CuO/ZnO composite visible light catalyst

    by LI Tong

    Cheese represents all the things we want in life, money, status, ideals ...... is a metaphor for the goals we pursue in real life. Just as we are constantly moving towards better cheese in our research and study career, the cheese may be changing, decreasing and deteriorating, we should meet the changes, adapt to the changes, enjoy the changes and strive for a higher level.

    Rainbow Candy – SiO2 microspheres

    by GAN Tian

    The work is a homogeneous sized microsphere obtained by sieving ordinary silica microspheres step by step. The addition of a polymer matrix allows the introduction of homogeneous pores by chemical etching, giving the device a high sensitivity.