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    Plants in Microstructure – 10th Microstructure Contest Exhibition (3)

    Editor: Date:2020-05-14 Hits:33

    The School of Materials Science and Engineering, ZJU has held a materials microstructure exploration contest since March of 2010. This contest follows the theme of exploring the microstructure of materials and uncovering sources of fascination. It encourages the students to innovatively express and reveal the fascinating world of materials microstructure using optical or electronic microscopes. This contest's goal is to improve the artistic tastes of any student majoring in science or engineering, including their art percipient, skills to express and ability to annotate the humanistic spirit, and enrich their humanistic connotations by the means of combining science with the arts while innovating fascinating works.

    In 10th Microstructure Contest, many students beautify these microstructures of their materials into some plants – flowers, leaves, to name a few.

    Peony – Self-assembled Flower-like Magnesium Hydroxide

    By GAN Tian

    Today, water pollution is getting worse and worse, and one of the main culprits of this pollution is various organic dyes. Therefore, people are developing various adsorbents to treat organic dyes. Due to the high specific surface area of floral magnesium hydroxide, it has a certain prospect of application in the adsorption of organic dyes.

    The Colorful Life of Succulent Plants – TiO2/TiN Spherical Composite Negative Electrode Material

    by WANG Jianli

    Succulents give people a fleshy, budding feeling because of the large amount of water they contain. However, there are only few people know that under the lovely appearance lies a tenacious and unyielding heart. Under the harsh environment, succulents can still grow healthily. Researchers are these succulent plants, their work looking very easy, but they are alone to withstand loneliness, failure and pressure.

    White Dew for Frost – MXenes Nanosheets Loaded with Nanoparticles

    by ZHANG Shunlong

    The work was photographed with a Japanese Hitachi SU8010 scanning electron microscope, and after simple composition and coloring, the scene of white dew on green leaves was formed.