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    The Lunch Meeting for the Students Staying in School During the Winter Vacation of the Department of Materials

    Editor: Date:2021-02-11 Hits:21

    On the morning of February 9th, 2021, the lunch meeting for students staying in school during winter vacation of Department of Materials was held in Yuanwang Pavilion. Han Gaorong, President of the Department of Materials, Zhang Shiliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Li You, counselor and representatives of students staying in winter vacation attended the activity.

    At the beginning of the activity, on behalf of the college, President Han Gaorong expressed his concern for the students who stayed in school. He stressed that the development of the times is rapid. In the great change that has not happened in a century, we should stick to the original intention of scientific researchers and work steadfastly. 2020 is an extraordinary year. I learned that many students didn’t get together with their families during the first spring festival. I hope that students will cherish the time spent in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival. Under appropriate conditions, they can go around more to relax and open up their minds.

    Then, the students briefly introduced their own situation, reported their plans in the holiday and the next goal. Among them, the students from Taiwan expressed their gratitude to the college and also looked forward to their Spring Festival in Hangzhou. All students spoke enthusiastically, and some students also put forward suggestions for the work of the college, hoping that the Department of Materials can become better and better.

    Later, Mr. Zhang Shiliang also expressed his concern for the students, emphasized the precautions during the winter vacation in school, and reminded the students to protect their personal and property safety. Mr. Zhang said that there are many beautiful places around Hangzhou. It is suggested that students can take the opportunity to take a walk in Hangzhou to experience the unique natural charm and folk customs of Hangzhou.

    Finally, Mr. Zhang Shiliang and Mr. Li you also sent New Year’s greetings and red envelopes to the students, so that they could feel the care of the college and the school. The students exchanged their plans during lunch, and the lunch was successfully concluded in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere.