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    2021 Graduate Student Employment Mobilization Meeting was Successfully Held

    Editor: Date:2020-11-11 Hits:4

    The 2021 graduate students are entering the critical period of further education and employment. In order to help everyone better understand the graduation destination of the graduate students of this major, establish a correct employment concept and improve the job-seeking and employment ability, the employment mobilization meeting for the 2021 graduate students of the School of Materials was successfully held in Cao Guangbiao Building II (Cao Xi) 107 at 18:30 on September 27.

    Mr. Zhang Shiliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Materials, and Mr. Zhu Hang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Materials, were invited to this lecture, hoping to help graduates solve various doubts about employment and face the new employment situation and future development brought by the great changes in the world with more confidence.


    We hope that all graduates will consider their future objectively, rationally and permanently, and master the rhythm and initiative of their lives.