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    Pursuing Ambitious Ideals – Memories of Undergraduate Career Mobilization Meeting

    Editor: Date:2020-10-04 Hits:0

    On September 28, 2020, 18:30, the Undergraduate Career Mobilization Meeting was held in Classroom 107, Cao Guangbiao II, Yuquan Campus. Mr. Zhang Shiliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Materials, Zhejiang University, Mr. Chen Qiang, Party and Government Office of College of Chemical Engineering and former counselor of College of Materials, attended the conference. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Rui’an.

    Mr. Chen Qiang shared his own experience of studying for the exam with the students.

    Mr. Zhang Shiliang introduced the employment situation of graduates, the expectations of the state and the university for graduates, and the choices of graduates for their own future.

    At the end of the meeting, students watched the sharing on graduate employment planning by Ms. Xie Hongmei together.